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Israel itself is one of the most compelling proofs for the existence of God.



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The New Covenant

“I had thought the New Testament to be impure, a source of pride, of overweening selfishness, of hatred, of the worst kind of violence: but as I opened it, I felt myself peculiarly and wonderfully taken possession of. A sudden glory, a light, flashed through my soul… instead of hatred, love; instead of vengeance, forgiveness; instead of bondage, freedom…”


“From every line, from every word, the Jewish spirit streamed forth: light, life, power, endurance, faith, hope, love, chastity; limitless, indestructible faith in God. “

Rabbi Yitzchak Lichtenstein (1824-1908)

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A Lawyer's Case for the Resurrection

If Yeshua (the Hebrew name for Jesus) actually rose from the dead, it would be the most important event in all history. Is it just a matter of faith, or is there historical evidence to support its occurrence? Are the gospel accounts even historically reliable?

Former atheist Jim Jacob examines and analyzes the evidence surrounding the resurrection and answers questions and rebuttal arguments in a clear manner.
Can you set aside any biases and give the resurrection a fair trial?

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These are the inspiring stories of Jewish people who broke through the mold - a Holocaust survivor, a concert pianist, a media executive, a Ph.D, and others. They range in upbringing from atheist to Orthodox.

What do they all have in common? They all thought for themselves and dared to confront the forbidden.
Perhaps the time has come for your breakthrough to embrace the liberty to think for yourself - especially when it comes to forming your personal beliefs about God, the Messiah and our Jewish identity.

If you’ve ever thought that there must be something more to life, you were right!

They Thought for Themselves

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Have you ever wondered - is there evidence that God exists? And if so, why is there so much suffering? Is being happy all that really matters? Is there proof that the Bible is true? And is it still relevant today?

Drawing on nearly 40 years of legal experience, attorney Jim Jacob lays out the historical and scientific evidence in an easy-to-follow, yet persuasive manner. You be the jury!

A Lawyer's Case for His Faith

7 Secrets of the Real Messiah

Did you know that there are profound secrets regarding the Messiah that are hidden in our own Jewish traditions and in our Bible? There is a remarkable description of the Messiah that is portrayed in the Scriptures of which few are aware. Find out about the Seven Secrets of the Real Messiah such as the the secret of the prophet greater than Moses, the secret of the invisible God who can be seen and the secret of the when the Messiah would come.

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Michael Brown uncovers these secrets which were penned under the inspiration of the Lord thousands of years ago. They have the ability to change your life and reveal the identity of the Real Messiah.

Isaiah 53 Explained

In Isaiah 53 Explained you will come face to face with a pivotal passage in the Hebrew Bible that has the power to change your life.

As you journey through this chapter you will examine the historical trustworthiness of the Scriptures, meet the God who predicts the future and also brings it to pass, and discover the most soul-satisfying relationship in the world.

All you need is an honest mind and an open heart.

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