We are a group of Israeli Jews who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We came from different backgrounds – from Orthodox to conservative to secular – but all reached a life-changing conclusion based on the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible: that Jesus, Yeshua, is the Jewish Messiah.

So how did we reach this conclusion?

We decided to check for ourselves who he really was, and to our surprise, we found a totally different person than whom we’d heard about before.

Instead of an enemy of our people, we found a brother. Instead of a founder of a foreign religion, we found a Jewish rabbi perfectly faithful to the Torah. Instead of a false prophet, we found our own Jewish Messiah.​

We realized that according to the Tanakh, we’ve all broken God’s commandments. Yet he sent the Messiah as the perfect sacrifice to die for our sins and rise again, giving those who believe in him atonement, a relationship with the living God, a life full of purpose and true joy, and eternal life. 

Only when we decided to think again about Yeshua did we discover the truth.

Over 500,000 Jewish people have reached the conclusion, based on the Tanakh, that Yeshua is indeed God's promised Messiah.

What about you?

How much have you really explored life’s most important questions – who God is, how we can know him, why we were created, whether there’s life after death or not, who the Messiah is and why we need him, etc. Are your thoughts actually based on what God said? Isn’t it worth taking the time to think again about them?

Our heart is to encourage you to read the Tanakh and historical accounts of eyewitnesses, and to reach your own conclusions based on verifiable facts.

Over 500,000 Jewish people have reached the conclusion that Yeshua is indeed God’s promised Messiah. He’s changed everything about our lives.

We hope you’ll take the time to check this for yourself with an open mind, and we’d be glad to talk with you, answer any questions, and help with resources.

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